St. Mary's Co-Ed Higher Secondary School, Itarsi

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School Moto :-

"Grow and let other's grow" is the motto of our School, which is inscribed within the emblem of our school. All the student of our school must know the motto and its 1 significance. The motto must be the guiding principle of all the activities in the school Our School motto has to be understood as the principle or the rule, which urges and appeals to the members of our School "to lead a life of generosity."


Following are the Objectives of the School: the School will work to obtain the following values in the students in its mode of functioning:
1.To build an integrated National character and imbibe love and appreciation for the diverse national culture of the country as a whole and to discourage parochialism and sectionalism.
2.To imbibe the spirit of nationalism, patriotism and at the same time a spirit of international understanding.
3.To encourage the habit of independent judgement reasoning and self reliance.
4.To train students for obedience, discipline hard work, punctuality and promptness in work and relationship.
5.To provide opportunities for students to learn various subject with a view to help THEM TO CHOOSE THEIR CAREER.
6.To inculcate in the students the spirit of dignity of labour, self-respect love for Others.
7.To train the students for leadership.
8.To train the students to speak the truth, without fear of favour.
9.To instill in students the spirit of team work and co-operation in various activities.
10.To provide opportunities student for improving their communication skills.